mason kodera

I yearned for love within my family, but as I grew, the dynamics with my parents and siblings changed, and I never got the experience my parents saying “I love you” My exploration of sexuality perhaps arose from the desire for a tangible connection with others. As I pursued graduate studies and delved deeper into my academic journey, I came to recognize these emotions as eroticism. Understanding it as an inherent aspect of our human experience, intertwined with our mortality, I began to see eroticism as a means to connect with people.

Eroticism, often manifested by challenging societal taboos, became a way for me to explore and dissect the socially distorted world we inhabit. I aim to provide individuals with an opportunity to reconstruct their authentic reality through the expression of these taboos. In a world where societal norms shape our worldview, we are conditioned to accept it as the norm. Taboos, however, disrupt these norms, serving as a key to unraveling the essence of humanity and challenging what it truly means to be human.

past work

BBC Tokyo Olympics 2020 Trailer
- 2D Graphics

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Kimiga iine kuretara
- Logo Design
- 2D Graphics

Yuzu - Kimi Wo Omou
- Logo Design
- Illustrations

Atarashii Gakko - The Edge
- 3D Art
- Graphic Design


Tama Art University BFA 2017 (Tokyo, Japan)
Pratt Institute MFA 2022 (Brooklyn, New York)