Ring - Mother

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A ring modeled after the female genitalia. The existence of the mother, who brings life into this world, holds a divine and immense power. This ring invites you back into the womb, offering sacred protection and the warmth of a mother as you face the challenges of this world.



925 Sterling Silver
Platinum Plated (1 micron)

925 Sterling Silver
18K GOLD Vermeil (3 microns)

Infinity Luna:
Solid Platinum

Infinity Sol:
Solid 18K Gold


All of our jewelry is made in Japan. We work with exceptionally skilled Japanese jewelry craftsmen. Our jewelry is meticulously crafted, with painstaking attention to detail, and proudly embodies world-class quality. The silver is plated with high-quality platinum and 18k gold, applied at a thickness far surpassing that of regular plating.

Shippin Process

Luna and Sol will process and ship orders within three days after the order is placed. Infinity Luna and Infinity Sol will begin production as soon as an order is received and will ship within three weeks.